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Brief review

Mady MTA Service has a straightforward interface that’s easy to grasp. While some SMTP servers are sluggish and difficult to use, this is not the case with MTA Service. As many users have discovered, this server is also lightning fast. MTA Service was developed for use by small business networks and for home networks. As such, this program works as advertised and is a great tool to purchase.


To use Mady MTA Service, simply follow the program instructions. It’s also worth pointing out that this program is backed by reliable support and comes with a handy Help file.

Main Function

Mady MTA Service is a small and stable SMTP server. Surprisingly, this small server is as fast as it is powerful. Since its inception, MTA Service has gained rave reviews across the board for its functionality. Comparatively, MAT Service outdoes most of the other options on the current market. For additional details, it’s worth checking out the developer’s homepage. If you’re looking for something that’s fast, secure, and sturdy, MTA Service is really a great option.

Extra Features

When using this program, many users have pointed out how effortless video conversion is. In addition, Mady MTA Service works with both home and LAN networks, making it an ideal program for small businesses and larger families alike.


At $39.95, it’s hard to find fault with Mady MTA Service. Sure, there are other, cheaper, servers out there, but this one comes with few hang-ups and works like a charm.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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